Are You ‘The Invisible Woman’ Online?

Woman rethinks online dating and considers finding a matchmaker
Remember Wonder Woman? She was the big-breasted woman that used to fly around in the invisible plane? Even when I was a kid, I used to say to myself, “How the hell does nobody see her?” Is she also invisible? Read more

How Matchmaking Found Me The Love Of My Life

why i love being a matchmaker, paperclips in shape of heart
I credit finding my husband to my career, and not because a fellow matchmaker set me up with him. When I took the leap from working in social work to becoming a matchmaker in the late 90’s, I was newly divorced. I had gotten married too young; I wasn’t ready. I was extremely shy at that time, and even though I was in my early 30’s, I had so much more to learn about relationships. Read more

Why right now is the perfect time to start a relationship

I know it seems like these past few months were invented to make a single girl feel like crap. Couples costumes on Halloween. Thanksgiving dinners without a plus one. Dancing by yourself at holiday parties. Going to the bathroom at the stroke of midnight so you won’t be such a spectacle not kissing someone. And then the big one, Valentine’s Day, the Hallmark holiday seemingly crafted to make singles feel like big old pieces of crap. Well, guess what? Shake off the blues you’ve been feeling the past few months and get aggressive with your online dating because right now is the perfect time to start a relationship. Here’s why. Read more

Mr. Good Enough

If I ask what you think of a man you’ve just met and you say, "He's really sweet." Or… "We've become really good friends" Or… He's a good communicator What I’m hearing you say is, “I’ve found Mr. Good Enough” Really? Is that all you’re looking for? So I follow with this question: “Are you attracted to him?” If you say, “No, but look at all of the other qualities he brings to the table. You can’t have everything” You can’t? Who told you, you can’t have everything? You’ve got one life to live. Why would you settle for Mr. Just Good Enough? In your online profile, the one that you wrote to attract Mr. Good Enough, you said that you're willing to date a guy who drinks a little bit, smokes a little bit, or is a little overweight. Even though these are things you don’t want if you lead a clean life. I see so many of you willing to put your priorities of a side so that you can find a mate. You don't smoke, you don't drink, but you're willing to put that aside for a date. You're going to die, and it may not be pretty, it may not be nice. You might be hit by a car… You might have terminal cancer… You might live to the ripe old age of 85, and live to regret everything you've ever done. You have no idea what the future holds for you. So, when you date ‘Mr. Good Enough’, you're telling yourself that you don't deserve any more. You don't deserve to think outside of the box you put yourself in. You don't deserve to talk to a guy that you're really turns you on. Imagine telling the guy that you're most attracted to that you want to f*ck his brains out. Imagine laying out all your feelings on the table. And you have no idea what he likes, and it’s scary. Because, he's not Mr. Good Enough, he's Mr. Sexy. Here’s the deal. You, as you are right now, with the body you are in, whether it's blonde, brunette.  Whether you're curvy, whether you're skinny, whether you big boobs, small breasted, whatever it might be, doesn't matter. God, the universe, whatever you believe in, gave you thisbody, thissoul. So have fun with it. By dating Mr. Good Enough you are not fulfilling the contract that was given to you when you were born. You were born to live a life of unlimited possibilities. You were born to live a life that had no regrets. You were born to live a love of sparkling aligned and experiencing things that you've never experience before. So, why would you consistently date Mr. Good Enough? Stand up for yourself as a woman. You deserve to get what you want. You deserve to date who you want. You need to open up your heart, your soul and get more daring. Otherwise, your fear-based life is going to continue to repeat over and over again until you die. And, when you’re lying in the hospice, the first thought you’re going to have isn’t going to be about how much you made, or the friends you have, no you’ll be thinking, “Why did I choose to settle?” You always dated Mr. Good Enough. You are going to think, why didn't I try for the man of my dreams when I could have? And here’s the catch – so many of you think it’s already too late. But when you look back in twenty years (if you get that long) you’ll think 20 years younger you was hot stuff.  You still had it at 40, 50, even 60. Stop being afraid. Every day you waste is another day you can’t get back. CLICK HERE and I’ll show you how to find your Mr. Right because you deserve so much more than Mr. Good Enough.    

7 Things every girl on Tinder is sick of

Woman uses caution with men approaching
Have you been on Tinder? If not and you’re single, then what are you waiting for? Get on it! It has a bad rep, but it’s actually pretty great. It’s not just a hook up app any more. People are using it to find meaningful relationships and go on fun dates. That being said, Tinder does seem to have more annoying dude habits on it than any other app I’ve ever tested out. Here are 7 things every single girl is sick of seeing on Tinder Read more

The Secret Behind the Scent of Sex

Couple looks at each other before sex
Men and women are primal. Don’t believe me? I'm going to give you a couple of examples to prove how primal men and women are. Fair warning, the language I use might be offensive to some, but I don’t want to mince words. Read more