Time To Dump The Ex

Breaking up can be extremely difficult and become a crippling part of our lives. But there comes a time to move on and mend that broken heart. You may miss your ex and the relationship you guys shared and although it may seem hard, it is possible to move on.

Here are some tips on how to progress through the breakup and really dump that ex for good.

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10 Perfect Summer Dates

Hopefully at this point two articles into my summer series you have amped up your summer look and ventured out to meet fabulous singles in your area. Now, all that is left is coming up with some great summer date ideas! Summer opens up a whole new list of fun options for a date activities. Grabbing drinks, or going out to dinner are no longer the only choice. Get creative this summer! To get the ball rolling, here are my top 10 perfect summer date ideas.

1. Picnic at the park

Grab some snacks and park yourself at the park. People watch together, play some frisbee, rest, and have fun getting to know each other. This date is super fun and low pressure. It’s a perfect activity to do with a person you just recently met. Read more

Sex Dreams About a Co-Worker

Been having naughty dreams about a co-worker? Whether they make you blush or vomit, your co-worker dreams are not only common... understanding the dream is well worth your while because odds are, that dream is actually trying to help you improve yourself !

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Love Bites—When Eating Differences Hurt a Relationship

  “My husband is so fat from eating junk food that his jeans fit him like compression shorts. I hoped that he would notice how much weight he’s gained—or at least buy some pants that fit.” “My girlfriend’s new diet is driving me crazy—she makes so many special requests that I’m embarrassed to eat in a restaurant with her.” “I lose my appetite just watching him eat meat.  I’m not sure a meat eater and vegetarian can make it.” Remarks like these make me question whether my nutritional practice is more like couples therapy.  What do couples do when they click over everything but food? Read more

Why I refuse to believe the break up rumors about Jay Z and Beyoncé

This isn’t my first time admitting to you guys that I’m gaga for celeb gossip. It’s not my proudest passion. But, I always have been into celebrity lifestyles and probably always will be. That doesn’t mean I’m a sucker who believes everything she reads in the tabloids. Trust me, I know they can be very, very wrong. There have been insane things they’ve written about me! Still, I just can’t quit them. Recent buzz in the gossip world is that Jay Z and Beyoncé are on the fast train to Splitsville. I think the tabloids have this all wrong. Here’s why. Read more

Why Does Everyone I Meet Suck?

Hello and welcome to Relationship Rules with Dr. Rodman.  You can consider me your friendly neighborhood psychologist.  I like helping people with their love lives, watching reality TV, and cooking things that my toddlers refuse to eat.  I was raised in Brooklyn New York and now I’m in private practice outside Washington DC.  Now, you’re thinking, “I read enough biographical crap like this on the tons of dating sites I belong to.  I thought I was clicking on something that was going to tell me why everyone I meet is terrible.  And why it appears I am going to die alone, despite being extremely intelligent, successful, attractive, and modest.”  See, I told you I was a psychologist.  I totally got into your head there.  So let’s tackle your questions, and fix up your depressing excuse for a love life, all in this one column. Read more