My boyfriend’s addicted to sports! Help!

A complaint I hear from so many women is that their men are addicted to sports and it’s ruining their relationships. At first, I thought this was an exaggeration. But, I’ve learned that it’s not. Sports can feel like another woman when you’re in a relationship with an avid sports watcher. They’re always on, they’re always getting your man’s attention and they’re always wearing tighter pants than you! I’m actually a fan of some sports, in limited doses, so I’ve never fully suffered through is-my-man-kinda-cheating-on-me-with-sports syndrome. But, here’s what I’d do if I were going through it. Read more

7 Ways to Boost Your Relationship

Relationships have their ups and downs. If yours could use some tweaking, here are 7 ways to boost your relationship: Read more

Are We Just Picking Wrong?

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“Where have all the good ones gone?” It’s the question that I am most commonly asked by men and women that I meet everyday. People are constantly telling me “It’s so hard to date in a big city! Nobody here wants a relationship!” That conversation is usually accompanied by a hefty list of first date disasters and daydreams about moving to a small town where – and I quote, “They understand relationships more.” Read more

Why You Need To Ditch Mr. One Hour A Week

She couldn’t stand it anymore. She was so lonely. All he have her was one stupid hour a week. That’s right. This a-hole of a man was only able to spare his “girlfriend” one little hour a week. I’m not talking about sex either. That one hour included sex, foreplay, and communication. He loved it. He could get his rocks off whenever he wanted, without having to show her any commitment. For a player, it’s the perfect scenario. Read more

4 Tips for Finding a Date This Fall

I know you are probably sad to see the sunny days and summer temperatures fade away, but in terms of dating, you should start getting very excited for fall. Summer for a lot of people is all about finding a fling, looking for a hookup, and taking advantage of the nice weather to go out and meet as many different people as possible. Once fall comes however, a lot of daters change their tune. The colder temperatures send the brain a message to begin building a nest and preparing for the winter. Fall is a time when singles want to find that person that they are going to snuggle up with when it snows, to watch a movie with, and to maybe even take home for Thanksgiving dinner. Read more

Do You Have A Dating “Type”? If So, It Might Be Holding You Back

  By the time we enter our mid-twenties most of us have a “type.” We’ve all got a certain look we like- whether it’s the endless hunt for someone ‘tall, dark and handsome’ or your tendency to date guys with facial hair, it’s easy to find patterns in our dating history. Sometimes, our “type” isn’t limited to the physical. You might find yourself being attracted to bad boys- the kind that break your heart and don’t call but you still return their text messages months later- that’s a type. Read more