3 Ways To Fix His Porn Addiction

Man addicted to watching online porn
It’s a situation most women have nightmares about! One night you’re feeling a little tired so you go up to bed before your man. He has some “work” to finish off, so you go upstairs and let him get on with it. Instead of turning your light out right away, you decide to read a few pages of that new book you downloaded. You get a little thirsty so you head back downstairs to grab some water. It’s when you’re about half way down your stairs that you see it… The man you love is sitting in front of the computer, his headset on, penis in hand, and a naked woman gyrating on the monitor with a man between her legs. There’s no mistaking it. You stand for a couple of minutes just to prove you’re not seeing things.  But no, your man is definitely pleasuring himself watching porn. Read more

Are All the Good Ones Really Taken?

Woman searches for the right guy

It's always surprising to me when I see a young, beautiful, accomplished woman tell me that "all the good ones are taken." As a relationship therapist I hear this complaint all the time, but does it have any truth?

Most of us are convinced that people 10 years younger have it easier, have more selection, and that more people want dates in a lower age range. The ironic part is that men and women of all ages tell me the same story - but they're all young, eligible, and very dateable.

I'm here to tell you with confidence that no, all the good ones are not taken! There are plenty of eligible, good looking, and actually intelligent people out there, no matter what your age - and there are lots of ways to find them.

Here are some common areas that my clients make mistakes while looking for love and how to fix them: Read more

Why it’s okay to date a guy on the rebound

Rebound men
My guess is that both friends and dating columnists have warned you to steer clear of guys who are “on the rebound.” Well, get ready for the curve ball that I am about to throw your way. In my experience, this is not always advice you should follow! I strongly believe that if you are talking about a man who is a relationship-oriented guy (meaning he is most comfortable being in a partnership and knows how to be a committed boyfriend/partner) he is not going to stay single for very long after a break up. If you don’t snap him up fast, someone else will. That great guy will be off the market before you can even bat an eyelash. Why would you steer clear of such a winner just because he recently broke up with someone? Read more

Daily Horoscopes: June 18, 2014



March 20 - April 18

You’ll be relieved to discover that you don’t have to go to the mat after all. All’s well that ends well when Venus sextiles Jupiter today.


April 19 - May 19

The last thing anyone needs is more buck passing. Send a strong message by taking responsibility and colleagues will quickly follow your lead. Read more

3 Tips on Cultivating Confidence in the bedroom

Confidence in the bedroom
People always say that confidence is the most attractive quality in a potential partner. As women, we’re interested in the bold guy that can get an entire room laughing and likewise, we lust after the man that can keep utterly cool in any situation. Well, now it’s time for you to become that confident woman you’ve always wanted to be. There’s just no denying that confidence is key when attracting a partner and my latest podcast is all about how to do exactly that. Read more

How to curb emotional eating

Woman emotionally eating when she's not hungry

Feeding Your Feelings?

Emotional eating is simply a result of the discomfort of unwanted feelings. We tend to want to avoid painful feelings; we could say we swallow them as we overindulge in food—a way to stuff our emotions down to a place where they can be ignored for a while. Eating becomes a way to disassociate from thoughts and feelings that make us uncomfortable. It is a temporary distraction from the products of our restless minds. But notice the word “temporary.” When the cake is gone, the feeling, the issue, the conflict, or the problem is still very much present—along with the additional pounds. Read more