Five Ways to Make Positive Energy Work For You

Let's talk about energy today. Energy is everything. Energy is contagious. Unfortunately, what most of us lack is energy. Do you guys remember the character Schleprock on the Flintstones cartoons? He always had a cloud hanging over his head and he moped everywhere he went. How many Schleprocks do you know? This is how most people walk around - as energetic zeroes. Today I want to share with you, 4 ways to transform your life and the way you FEEL about the energy around you forever. Read more

5 Things to ask for on Valentine’s Day

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! The lead up to February 14th can be very stressful for couples, especially new couples who haven’t celebrated the holiday together before. There’s a lot of expectation that gets built up. And that expectation normally leads to a lot of let down come the big day. I say avoid that trip to Bummer Town and have a conversation with your boo about what would make you happy on Valentine’s Day. It might ruin the surprise of the day, but it will make both of you a lot more relaxed and able to enjoy the day. So, here are a few things I think you should ask for. Read more

What to do when your new man is sick

Sick Man in Bed Blowing Nose
Not to sound like a Walgreens commercial, but cold and flu season is upon us. And that means that people around you are getting sick. When you starting dating someone new, dealing with a cold or flu can be tricky. You haven’t even decided if he’s fully your boyfriend, so it’s tough to know what’s appropriate to do for your sick man and what’s not. Here are some tips to help you find out! Read more

5 Things you should never wear on a first date

The first date outfit stress meltdown! We’ve all been there. Many, many times. Here’s the truth, though. No dude cares about what you’re wearing as much as you do. Really, what you wear barely matters as long as you feel sexy, confident and comfortable. Of course, a dress that shows a little skin doesn’t hurt the situation. There are some things you need to avoid in a first date outfit, though. Here they are. Read more

3 Things single girls need to do NOW make sure Valentine’s Day doesn’t suck

Where my single ladies at? Hopefully, you’re right here reading this! Hello, lovelies! Hope you’re having a wonderful start to 2015! But, anyone who’s ever been single can tell you that the start of a new year comes with some anxiety. A new year means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And that’s such a nerve-wracking holiday for single folks. Well, fear not single girls! I have 3 easy things you can do now to make sure your Valentine’s Day doesn’t suck. Read more


The premiere episode of the 8th season of Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker”, which also happened to be my debut as a new matchmaker, was the most watched in the history of the show with 1.5 million viewers!  What an amazing start to this season! Ironically, thirty of my closest friends were not one of those 1.5 million viewers because they attended my “Premiere Unviewing Party”.  Confusing right?  I’m still confused myself to be quite honest. Read more