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The 5 Types of Men to Avoid

All men are different, but there are certain types of men who will only do you more harm than good. Here are the top five types of guys who you are not worth one more second of your time! Read more

“Let’s Talk About Sex Dreams” – What Sex with the Ex-Boyfriend Means

Young woman sleeping

The ex boyfriend is a very popular character in our naughty dreams. Even though it may be light years since you were with this person, he STILL continues to appear in your dreams, bringing those old feelings back to the surface that leave you wondering if you still may be holding a flame.

Jennifer, a 37 year old, happily married client of mine began having recurring dreams of having downright filthy sex with her ex boyfriend. She hadn’t spoken to nor seen him in over ten years so she was at a complete loss as to why he was steaming up her dreams lately. What I asked her is the first thing you need to ask yourself when you get a naughty dream about your ex boyfriend... Was he your first love? He was indeed! The second question was, how is the intimacy in your marriage right now? According to Jennifer, it was “meh.” Once every couple of weeks and sometimes once a month. Don't worry, I told her. It's not that you want him back, it's that you want what he represents back: excitement, bubbles, passion!  Like Jennifer, you are likely to get these dreams when your marriage or current relationship gets a little too routine and humdrum, as all marriages do from time to time.  Your dream is using your ex to remind you of the passion that is still alive inside of you.  These dreams are actually good for you and are alerting you to the fact that the passion department doesn’t want to become a thing of the past. So if you are dreaming of sex with your ex, it might be a good idea to get thyself down to Victoria's Secret® and buy something red and lacy in order to kick up spice a few notches. Bring back the spice and the ex won’t have to pay you a visit in your dreams anymore. Sometimes the ex boyfriend we dream about does not have such fond memories attached to him. Sometimes it’s the ex where the relationship was abusive or ended horribly. In these cases, rest assured that your dreams are trying to help you overcome the past. I’ve had countless people ask me why they are dreaming of getting back with their abusive ex, why the dreams are pleasant when the relationship was so awful. The reason why is that your inner dreaming mind is trying to help you make peace with it. A lot of women, and men, who have been in abusive relationships have a hard time forgiving themselves for being in it for so long. They also cannot seem to let go of the anger they still hold towards the ex. This is something that must be let go of in order to have peace of mind. You certainly don’t have to make friends with the nasty ex, but you do need to make friends with yourself, your past self and your present self, otherwise you are likely to bring that anger and fear into future relationships. Once you make peace with the past and with yourself, the dreams are likely to stop. Have you had any naughty dreams about your ex? Post them in the comments below and I will try to address them for you. And stay tuned because next week we will cover the dreams about having sex with an ex spouse!

How To Have Body Confidence For Summer

Summer is in full swing and that means longer days, romantic getaways and less clothes! Not everyone feels comfortable in shorts, tank tops or (shudder) a bathing suit though, and sometimes the thought of stripping down to next to nothing on a date with someone new feels like torture. If you find yourself declining date invites simply because you don't feel confident about your body, you might be missing out on a potential love match. Here is how to increase your body confidence for the summer, and all year round. Read more

10 Online Dating Cliches You Should Stop Using Immediately

If you've ever been a member of an online dating site, you know how hard it is to create a profile that accurately describes yourself and what you're looking for in a partner. That's why many people resort to using the same old one liners in their profiles-they're easy and since they've been used so many times, they must work-right? Wrong! Here are ten of the most common online dating cliches and why you should avoid them. Read more

Let’s Talk About Sex Dreams

Sex dreams

What the mystery lover dream means

Of all the dream themes we experience, there is none as emotionally polarizing as the sex dream. These dreams will either leave you with a spring in your step or an inability to look others in the eye the next day. Back in the Middle Ages, sex dreams were so shameful that people attributed them to Incubi or Succubi, male and female sex demons, who would molest the unwary while they slept! This far-fetched idea was likely due to a need to absolve oneself from the perversion felt upon waking… “Wow, that couldn’t possibly have come from my mind! Why that must have been a horny little demon trying to wreak havoc on my pure and Godly thoughts! Yeah, that makes sense. I’m going with it.” Read more

Four Great Reasons to Ditch the Diet

Ditch the diet

1. Following the dictates of a diet rather than your internal cues like hunger and satisfaction require you to ignore natural instincts.

Hunger is a signal from your body’s intelligence center that it wants to eat and is prepared for the proper metabolism of food.  Hunger is healthy; ignoring it is not commendable and may create a hypo-metabolic mode (in other words, a slower metabolism).  This means that the majority of incoming calories are stored as as fat instead of burning them for energy. (From the “Metabolism” chapter of my book, The French Twist, Twelve Secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management) Read more
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