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How to live lavish and look fabulous no matter what your budget is.

Pay Attention to Your Presentation!

Okay folks- how many of you know someone who refuses to FaceTime with you because they hate the way they look on screen? Maybe you yourself refuse to indulge in the taking of selfies - hating to be reminded of the imperfection that always seems to catch your eye in the mirror… Read more

Enjoy Life More with…Botox?

Interesting new research from The Georgetown University Medical Center confirms what researchers Cardiff University in The UK and at The University of Basel had previously described as an interesting side effect of receiving injections of neuromodulator (like Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin) - namely a significant and measurable improvement in patient’s symptoms of depression. Patients with a diagnosis of major depression were randomly assigned to receive either Botox or placebo injections (saline solution), with monitoring and self-reporting of their symptoms of depression. Six weeks after the treatments, an impressive 52% of the patients who received Botox were found to have significant improvement in their symptoms and moods, with only 15 percent of the saline solution group showing improvement (this number is consistent with the placebo effect). Read more

Beautifully Inconspicuous

Celebrity maintains her beauty through surgeries that aren't noticable
If you live in the United States and ever spend time in a grocery store line, surfing the web, or watching television—in other words, if you are alive, you know that there is a never ending fascination with celebrity culture: We want to know who’s doing what, when, where, and with who… And when it comes to plastic surgery, it’s always exciting to hear that someone rich and famous had something done to themselves and ended up looking funny. Read more

First Date Nerves? – Don’t Sweat it!

Woman applies deodorant so as not to sweat

Ladies, nothing kills the playful, flirty confidence that is so irresistible to guys faster than reserved self-consciousness… exactly the way most of us feel on a first date to begin with. What could make it worse? Sweaty pits.

You’re finally out on the town with some handsome mug you’ve been making goo-goo eyes at for the past 6 months- you planned your outfit, your hair, your entire look- but minutes into the date its clear that all that careful planning may be for naught if Hunky Hunkmasterson gets a peek at your perspiring pits. Read more

5 Non-Invasive Treatments You Should Think About Now

woman undergoes a non-invasive treatment
Even here in sunny Florida, it’s been a cold and wet winter.  I can’t even imagine what those of you more north are going through!  Not that I am trying to wish my life away, but one way I personally like to beat the winter blues is to start working toward bathing suit season. Summer is a time when we can shed all of those extra layers, dare to bare some skin and soak up all of that glorious Vitamin D (while protecting our skin with the appropriate SPF, of course).  So, in addition to the benefit of the endorphins released with that ramped up exercise program, here are 5 sure-fire treatments to have you feeling happier and more confident no matter what’s going on outside! Read more

Tired Eyes? Wake Them Up!

Woman massages her eyes
Are you one of the many women, like myself, who is tired of looking tired?  Is there anything worse than being TOLD you look tired, even after you have gotten a solid 10 hours of sleep or come back from a relaxing week of vacation?  Okay, lets face it these days many of us ARE tired.  And how often do any of us get 10 hours of sleep or have a “relaxing” week off?  But wouldn’t it be nice to look as if that were the case. Read more
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