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How to live lavish and look fabulous no matter what your budget is.

Makeup Finds That Last

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Ladies if you’re anything like me you are busy and don’t have time to check if your lipstick is on our teeth or if your blush is now on our significant other. We need makeup we can apply quickly that will stay where we put it, on our face. I’ve found a few fail proof products that make looking your best last longer. Read more

The Quick Finish Face

Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities look great, even when they are caught by paparazzi running errands? Look no further, here are some fail proof tips and products to get the quick finish you desire. Read more

Beauty Transformation

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In today's world of filters, good angles, good lighting, and photoshop it's hard to tell the truth about beauty and make up from editing.

Read more

Four Fashion Failures Not to Make This Summer

Summer is officially here which means sweaters are out and short-shorts are in. We all want to stay cool in the heat, but ladies, there are just some summer styles that we should avoid altogether. Here’s my list of the four fashion failures you shouldn’t make this summer: Read more

The 10 Commandments of Blonde

While every shade of hair color requires some care and maintenance, none is more finicky than blonde. Here are my ten “musts” to insure you really will have more “fun” and less fuss! Read more

Lashing out: Favorite falsies for every occasion

Sometimes the only thing that will complete a look fit for a night out is lashes – big, bold, and dramatic. When mascara just can't cut it, false lashes are a great beauty tool to reach for. With lashes for every look and occasion, the key is finding the right fit and style for you. As a picky lash wearer myself, I'm very finicky about the comfort of the lash band – it has to be thin, flexible, and lightweight to make all-night wear achievable. Here are 4 of my favorite comfy, yet chiclashes to keep your eye area well-dressed for any affair!  Read more
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